High-end software outsourcing services

Technology and service oriented

Providing customized development of enterprise management software according to the customer company's own business processes. It is 100% tailor-made management software that meets the development of the enterprise. Example : customer management, production management, project management, ERP, OA office system, financial system, inventory management software, etc. Website system: E-commerce, shopping, Internet of Things, news, portal, talent network, information, education, finance, etc. Android mobile application APP: Android mobile APP application, tablet APP application, TV APP application custom development Apple IOS mobile application APP: iPhone application, iPad application, MAC software custom development.

Customized development of enterprise information software

Software development + service

"Software R & D + Service" is a software customized development service model designed by SONGE in order to solve the problems faced by enterprises/customers and promote their rapid development of business needs. In this service mode, SONGE will provide a small agile team composed of 2 to 7 agile software engineers according to the actual needs of different enterprises/customers. Our solution aims to help customers to achieve the goal of informatization by solving their problems efficiently and bring innovation and competitiveness in this rapidly changing market.

Mobile application development

User Experience (UX) is our focus

In the era of convenient mobile operation, SONGE has established its own mobile application development center relying on its own software development experience. In the past six years, the center and mobile Internet have grown together. Now it provides one-stop services for strategy consultation of user experience, interface design, and customized development.
In the past six years, we have accumulated rich project experience in different industries, including education, business, travel, social networking, entertainment, games, sports, music, finance, news, medical health, photography, product display, etc.

Enterprise material supply management

Management and control of Material information

Material supply management is a very important part in the production and construction of enterprises, resource allocation, and cost control. It is necessary to coordinate the management of material information, supplier information, and procurement information in order to allow smooth communication among different business units/departments. Effective enterprise material supply management: Use of software systems for data analysis and information management provides a more scientific and accurate basis for enterprises to formulate material demand plans, manage procurement channels, and control material consumption.

Customized development of e-commerce platform

Flexible, convenient and fast

SONGE provides customized e-commerce solutions for customers according to their specific needs (including cost, time, goods, objectives, etc). From small startups to world's top 500 companines, we gained good expertise and have established a mature e-commerce platform involving various scale projects in the fields of electronic products, consumer goods, automobiles, luxury goods, and agriculture. Covering ERP, CRM, Web store, APP store, and WeChat store, we have accumulated rich experience in custom development of account management, product display, shopping cart management, trading platform, inventory management, logistics tracking, and evaluation system.

Business data analysis

Help enterprises improve products / services continuously

To help companies continue to improve products / services and maintain a competitive advantage, we provide professional business data analysis services to help companies collect, process, analyze and mine large amounts of data generated in production, sales and other business activities, and convert them into commercial value, so that enterprises can optimize production processes, improve production efficiency, and gain insight into user behavior. To help customers with data modeling and predictive analysis, we build enterprise data warehouse and data mining, build high availability / persistent data cloud storage based on cloud platform, build big data processing cluster based on Hadoo / Spark, perform data analysis and graph visualization