Mobile application development

Provide you with professional customized development of mobile Internet applications based on IOS and Android systems. It supports iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, covering APP native development, Html5 development, mobile portal development, etc.

Management software customization

Enterprise software management system is a necessary information tool provided to enterprise managers. The only criterion for measuring it is "whether it can be combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, improve work efficiency and management level, and bring help to enterprise development."

Web application development

Service advantages: We specialize in customizing all kinds of website systems. We have multi-architecture system development technology and platform construction capabilities. We have rich experience in implementing website systems and e-commerce platforms. We can connect the internal systems and external website services to achieve business data interoperability.

Business analysis and business intelligence

Provide customers with comprehensive solutions and services to help customers transform the massive data of their operations into high-value decision-making and business support information. Our extremely rich resources help customers to improve their decision-making and operational capabilities in an all-round manner, as well as enhance their market competitiveness.

Software development + service

Software R & D + service, a customized software development service model designed to solve the problems faced by enterprise customers and promote their rapid development of business needs Under this service model, it helps customers solve the problems they face easier, more efficiently and more safely, bring innovation and competitiveness into the rapidly changing market, and achieve the goal of informatization.

ODC cooperation model

ODC (Offshore Development Center) is a small team composed of 2 ~ 7 agile software engineers. Each member of the team has the ability of self-management and customer communication, works closely with customers, and ultimately helps customers achieve information goals through technical means. ODC is a cooperation model set for the goal of software development + service "developing software for customers to quickly solve problems and create real value".

Service advantages

Fast and efficient service is our difference and advantage, and the decisive factor of price. In fact, what customers want is not the cooperation mode, but the result. The result is not only the final deliverable, but more importantly the quality and efficiency visible in the process. As long as we take high-efficiency and high-quality as the purpose, and actively communicate to build trust, we can achieve a win-win situation.

One-stop customized project

We can provide one-stop customized development services for you through accurate grasp and skilled operation of development process. From the initial requirement survey to product design, to the software launch, we can achieve perfection in all aspects of customized development, and provide you with a thoughtful customized development service.

Effective development process

We have adopted a complete eight step development process in the industry, and creatively achieved the stage delivery of customized development project results, which is a major innovation in the development field. The results of each process are delivered in different ways, and the development results are phased.

Transparent development process

Through the exclusive project assistant, you can keep your eyes on the project dynamics at any time, understand the project process, make the development process fully transparent, and make customized development as if it were done at home. Transparent development process makes the progress of the project clear at a glance, so that all operations can be carried out under your supervision and control

Professional team support

We are a professional team with more than 10 years of development experience, including senior architects, Microsoft certified engineers, technical personnel and other professionals. We have worked on the development of projects of the world's top 500 companies and accumulated profound development experience in the field of customized development.